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Women who suffer from migraines may be more likely than other women to develop heart problems, a new study suggests.

Researchers found that women who have migraines were at greater risk of having a heart attack and angina (chest pain), and of needing to undergo heart-related procedures such as coronary artery bypass grafting, compared with women who did not get the severe headaches.

mercredi, 03 août 2016 10:47

Cancers and genetic factors

A large new study of twins has found that having a twin sibling diagnosed with cancer poses an excess risk for the other twin to develop any form of cancer. Among the 23 different types of cancer studied, an excess familial risk was seen for almost all of the cancers, including common cancers such as breast and prostate cancer, but also more rare cancers such as testicular cancer, head and neck cancer, melanoma, ovarian and stomach cancer.

dimanche, 22 mai 2016 09:39

A.O.N N° 01/S.PRO/DM/BGM/GS/2016

Le Groupe Industriel Pharmaceutique SAIDAL SPA, informe l’ensemble des soumissionnaires ayant participé à l’appel d’offres national N°01/S.PRO/DM/BGM/GS/2016, relatif à l’acquisition de supports promotionnels de la direction marketing et information médicale, publié dans les quotidiens nationaux en date du 18/02/2016, est déclaré infructueux.

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NOSITRON® 2 mg/ml

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