We bring to the attention of all  companies who participated in the national and international tender notice A.O.N.I  N°18/ COMPRESSEUR A THERMO /GS/GDC/2013 for providing a (01) compressor CFCCOMPR*BZN04 for the Distiller to thermo compression FA 2000 HR-S/N 4272 (Job 517/89) of the massive solutes workshop pockets for its production of Gué de Constantine-Alger Unit, published in the national dailies dated 24/09/2013 , that after the evaluation of tenders , the contract is awarded provisionally to the next bidder :

 Tenderer  Technical Note 
  Financial Note
  Final Note 
  Amount DA/TTC  
STILLMAS 100 100 200 11 629 697,57


Companies who oppose this choice may send their applications to the procurement committee within ten (10) days from the first publication of this notice in national newspapers or BOMOP.