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  • DCI
    Methylsulfate of Tiemonium
  • Dosage
    0,2% (10mg / coffee spoon of 5 ml)
  • Forms and Presentations
    Syrup. Bottle of 125 ml.
  • Pharmaco-therapeutic class
    Gastro-enterology: Antispasmodique musculotrope, anticholinergic.
  • Indications

    It is used in the treatment of the painful spasms of digestive origin (spasmodic colites), biliary (biliary colics), urologic (renal colics…) and gynaecological (painful rules).

  • Posology

    Child: 3 coffee spoons per 5 kg of weight and per day.
    Adult: 1 to 3 soup spoons 3 times per day.

  • Price
    199 DZD