Press release

SAIDAL Group denies the information published in the national press and some media, according to which Mister Zaibet Toufik developed his product (R.H.B) with SAIDAL Group.

SAIDAL informs that it has no relationship with the person concerned and that its product has not been the subject of any collaboration with SAIDAL for development or production.

SAIDAL states that Mr. Zaibet was never included in the company's workforce, but he contacted the company in 2004 in order to make a study on his product that he claimed to be effective for the treatment of psoriasis. Since the results of the study were found to be non-compliant, Saidal Group has ceased all contact with him since 2006.

SAIDAL group has decided to take legal action against Mister Zaibat Toufik for false declarations and infringement of its image.