Policy of Partnership

Development of Partnership: a strategic focus

For SAIDAL Group currently engaged in an ambitious program of expansion, the development of partnership is a strategic focus engaged with their needs but also with market realities and objectives of its partners. Learning from alliances made, we have refined the approach new relationships based on the complementarily of the partners, profitability and sustainability of operations undertaken.

SAIDAL Group currently present as a minority shareholder in three (03) companies, has the majority shareholder in (01) society. It is also present as main or majority shareholder in three (03) companies under construction. Discussions are underway with other partners to achieve two (02) new companies covering different therapeutic classes.

Associations forged by the Group cover different formulas: industrial and commercial partnership, license transfer and the creation of joint companies.

In the number of parameters that determine each association, figures at the base, the credibility of the partners, loyalty commitments and mutual trust.

Quality of agreements relating to insulin and oncology projects recently completed and the course of their enforcement program attest, if it was needed, the validity of the approach.