HALLUDOL ® 2 ‰ (2mg /ml)

  • DCI Haloperidol
  • Dosage 2 ‰ (2mg /ml)
  • Forms and Presentations Drinkable solution. Dropper Bottle of 15 ml (300 drops)
  • Pharmaco-therapeutic class Psychiatry: Antipsychotic nerve sedative
  • Indications

    It is used in the treatment:
    •certain mental health disorders (schizophrenia, certain standard of psychoses, serious disorders of the behavior in the child…),
    •certain abnormal movements,
    •certain demonstrations of anxiety (with weak posology),
    •vomiting due to anti-cancer chemotherapies.

  • Posology

    Oral way.
    Posology is strictly individual and varies according to the indications.

  • Price 70 DZD