BROMHEXINE ® 10 Mg/5 ml

  • DCI Bromhexine hydrochlorate.
  • Dosage 10 mg/5 ml
  • Forms and Presentations Drinkable solution. Bottle of 180 ml.
  • Pharmaco-therapeutic class Pneumology: Bronchial thinner and mucoregulator.
  • Indications

    It is used in the treatment of the disorders of bronchial secretion, in particular during the acute bronchial affections: acute bronchitis and acute episode of the chronic broncho-pneumonopathies.

  • Posology

    •Adult:1 spoonful of coffee 3 doses per day.
    From 20 to 30 kg (approximately from 6 to 10 years): 1 coffee spoonful per day in two doses.
    From 30 to 50 kg (approximately from 10 to 15 years): 2 coffee spoonful per day in two doses.
    The duration of the treatment will not have to exceed 8 to 10 days without medical opinion.

  • Price 140 DZD