NEUROLAL® 100 mg

  • DCI Phenobarbital
  • Dosage 100 mg
  • Forms and Presentations White sectile Tablet. Box of 20
  • Pharmaco-therapeutic class Neurology: Antiepileptic, anticonvulsivant.
  • Indications

    In the adult and the child either in monotherapy or in association with another treatment antiepileptic in the following cases:
    •Treatment of the generalized epilepsies
    •Treatment of the partial epilepsies: partial crises with or without secondary generalization.

  • Posology

    Child (according to the weight):
    •lower than 20 kg: 5 mg/kg per day in 1 or 2 doses,
    •between 20 kg and 30 kg: 3 to 4 mg/kg per day in 1 or 2 doses,
    •beyond: 2 to 3 mg/kg per day in 1 or 2 doses.
    In the child of less than 6 years, the tablet will be crushed and mixed with food before administration because of the risk of false-road.

  • usual Posology

    2 to 3 mg/kg, i.e. for a subject of 70 kg: 2 tablets in only one dose at bedtime
     the effectiveness of the drug can be judged only after 15 days of treatment.

  • Price 110 DZD