• DCI Glucose monohydrate apyrogene
  • Dosage 5 g/100 ml
  • Forms and Presentations Injectable aqueous solutions with 5% in pocket of 500 ml, limpid, sterile, apyrogene.
  • Pharmaco-therapeutic class Metabolism Nutrition Diabetes: Biogenic salts and hydro-electolytique balance.
  • Indications

    •Rehydration when there exists a water loss higher than the sodium chloride loss and others osmoles;
    •Prevention of dehydrations will intra and extracellular;
    •Convey for therapeutic contribution in period preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative immediate;
    • Prophylaxis and treatment of the ketosis in the denutritions, the diarrheas or the vomiting;
    • Carbohydrate caloric intake (100 g of glucose = 400 kilogram calories).

  • Posology

    Posology depends on the number of calories which one wishes to bring in glucidic form and varies depending on the clinical state of the patient:
    From 500 ml to 3000 ml per 24 hours according to the weight, of the food and therapeutic
    Parenteral way, intravenous perfusion.
    Drug of hospital use.