• DCI Ergocalciferol (D2 Vitamin)/Gluconate of calcium/ Bicalcic Phosphate
  • Dosage 1 500 UI/125,5 mg/20,45 mg.
  • Forms and Presentations Oral solutions in bulbs of 5 ml. Box of 20.
  • Pharmaco-therapeutic class Metabolism Nutrition / Diabetes:Vitamin.
  • Indications

    •Rickets (disease of the skeleton appearing on the level of the osseous zones with rapid growth);
    •Lymphatism (disorder related to an increase in the volume of amygdalae, ganglia);
    •Growth, weakens, general tiredness;
    • Stop teething;
    •Requirements of calcium for the expectant mother;
    •Old subjects.

  • Posology

    The solution can be pure absorptive, or diluted, preferably the morning fasting.
    • Prophylaxis of rickets:
    Less than one year:1 to 2 bulbs per day (without interruption of the 3rd week up to 18 months).
    From one to five years:1 to 3 bulbs per day during 3 to 6 months per annum, according to the areas.
    •Prophylactic treatment of the osteomalacia and the vitamin deficiencies of the old subject:
    1 bulb per day during wintry time, and all the year if the subjects cannot profit from a normal sunning.
    •Decalcification of the expectant mother:2 bulbs per week.

  • Price 260 DZD