CLAMOXYPEN® 1 g 200 mg

  • DCI Amoxicilline/Clavulanic Acid
  • Dosage 1 g 200 mg
  • Forms and Presentations Powders for injectable preparation. Box of 20 powder bottles
  • Pharmaco-therapeutic class Infectiology: Penicillins
  • Indications

    It is used in the treatment of various infectious illness, in particular of the lungs, the bronchi, the nose, the throat or the ears, the urinary digestive system or, the genital ways, the gums and the teeth, the bones and the articulations and with preventive measure after an surgical operation.

  • Posology

    This drug is reserved for the intravenous way and must be injected slowly: 3 minutes at least.

  • usual Posology

    It is strictly individual. Determined by the doctor, it varies according to the indications.