DEXASONE® 4 mg/ml

  • DCI Dexamethasone sodium phosphates
  • Dosage 4 Mg/ml
  • Forms and Presentations Injectable solution. Box of 5 bulbs of 1 ml.
  • Pharmaco-therapeutic class Endocrinology and Hormones: Glucocorticoïdes
  • Indications

    It can be prescribed to replace cortisone among patients who present a cortisone deficiency. Moreover, the dexamethasone can be used to treat a great number of disorders of which respiratory diseases (such as asthma), the skin diseases, allergies serious, certain eye diseases, the polyarthritis rhumatoïde, inflammatory diseases the intestinal, some turbid hematologic, and certain forms of cancer. The ignition plays a part in all these diseases. The dexamethasone acts by decreasing the ignition.

  • Posology

    The recommended dose varies largely according to the affection concerned and the circumstances of the person to be treated.
    Several factors can enter in account to determine the amount necessary to a person: its weight, its health condition and having other drugs. It is recommended to take the strong amounts of corticosteroids at the time them meal and to take antiacids between the meals to prevent the ulcers and the disorders of stomach.

  • Price 215,55 DZD