POVIP® 10%

  • DCI Iodized Povidone
  • Dosage 10%
  • Forms and Presentations Dermic solution. Bottle of 50 ml
  • Pharmaco-therapeutic class Dermatology: Iodized disinfectant with broad bactericidal, fungicidal spectrum and virucide
  • Indications

    Antisepsy of the wounds or burns surface and not very wide.
    Auxiliary treatment of the affections of the skin and the mucous membranes originally bacterial or likely of surinfecter.
    Cutaneous way.

  • Posology

    To use pure or diluted:
    Pure use: in white-washing on the skin.
    Diluted use: to dilute the solution at the 1/10 with water or sterile physiological salt solution for the washing of the wounds and to 2% in sterile physiological salt solution for the irrigations of the wounds.

  • Price 60 DZD