• DCI Econazole
  • Dosage 1%
  • Forms and Presentations Cream with 1%, tube of 30 g
  • Pharmaco-therapeutic class Dermatology: Local antifungal
  • Indications

    This drug of local action contains antifungal of the family of imidazols. It is used in the treatment of certain skin diseases, nails and mucous membranes, which had with microscopic mushrooms (mycoses): candidose, pityriasis versicolor, dermatophyties…

  • Posology

    The duration of the treatment varies according to the cases. In all the cases, the drug must be applied after washing and careful drying of the zone to be treated. Apply directly to the lesions and to mass to make penetrate. In the folds of the skin, the cream must be applied in minor amount to limit the risk of maceration.

  • usual Posology

    2 applications per day.

  • Price 120 DZD