• DCI Benzyl benzoate, Monosulfure of tétraéthylthiourame
  • Dosage 10%-20%
  • Forms and Presentations Dermic solution. Bottle of 180 ml
  • Pharmaco-therapeutic class Pesticide
  • Indications

    This lotion contains an active substance on certain parasites of the skin. It is mainly used against the parasites of the scale (sarcoptes) and the chiggers.

  • Posology

    Treatment of the scale:
    Before the treatment, take a bath and dry yourself carefully. Using a brush, apply the lotion to all the body, except to the face and the scalp, while insisting on the hands and in the folds of the skin. Let act during 24 hours (12 hours only for the child of less than 2 years and for the expectant mother), then wash yourself to eliminate the product. Linens must be changed twice: right before the application of the product and right after the rinsing. Itching can persist 10 to 15 days: they should not lead to the renewal of the treatment.
    - Treatment of the chiggers: apply the lotion to the lesions using a piece of cotton.

  • Price 200 DZD