• DCI Simvastatine
  • Dosage 20mg
  • Forms and Presentations Sectile tablet. Box of 30.
  • Pharmaco-therapeutic class Cardiology: hypolipidemic.
  • Indications

    This drug is one hypocholesterolemic of the family of the statines. It is used in:
    •Treatment of cholesterol excesses in complement of an adapted mode
    •Prevention of the cardiovascular complications (myocardial infarction, cerebral vascular accident…) atherosclerosis or diabetes.

  • Posology

    The tablets must be swallowed with water glass, during or apart from the meals.

  • usual Posology

    Adult: 20 to 40 mg per day, in one dose in the evening. The maximum dose is 80 mg per day. It is reserved for the severe forms of the disease. The mode remains essential throughout all treatment.

  • Price 1350 DZD