SARTIX® 16 mg

  • DCI Simvastatine
  • Dosage 16 mg
  • Forms and Presentations Sectile tablets. Boxes of 28.
  • Pharmaco-therapeutic class Cardiology: Antihypertensor
  • Indications

    It is used in the treatment of:
    - arterial hypertension,
    - Heart failure, in the event of intolerance with the inhibiters of the enzyme of conversion or in partnership with those.

  • Posology

    - arterial hypertension: the initial dose is of 8 mg per day, in one dose, in the event of impaired renal function or of hepatic insufficiency, initial posology is weaker. Posology is increased gradually by the doctor according to the effects of the drug. It lies between 8 and 32 mg, once by day.
    - Heart failure: the initial dose is 4 mg per day. It can be then gradually increased until the dose of 32 mg per day.

  • Price 1 050 DZD