FUROZAL® 20 mg/ml

  • DCI Furosemide
  • Dosage 20mg
  • Forms and Presentations Injectable solution. Box of 50.Hospital conditioning.
  • Pharmaco-therapeutic class Cardiology and Angiology: Diuretics.
  • Indications

    This drug is indicated in the following cases:
    •Cardiologic urgencies: acute edema of the lung, cardiac arrest,
    •Important rise in the blood-pressure,
    •Severe salt retentions of origin cardiac, renal, cirrhotic,
    •Radiology of the low urinary tract and test of washing “wash out” in Furosemide,
    •Can be used in pediatric reanimation.

  • Posology

    Posology varies from 2 to 3 bulbs per day by slow intravenous or intramuscular.
    Child and Infant:
    Intravenous way : 0,5 to 1 mg/kg per day.
    Hospital model.