SAIFEN® 2,5%

  • DCI Ketoprophene
  • Dosage 2,5%
  • Forms and Presentations Gel. Tube of 50 g
  • Pharmaco-therapeutic class Anti-inflammatory drug: Anti-inflammatory drug not steroidal in topic
  • Indications

    This gel contains an anti-inflammatory drug not steroidal. It fights locally against the ignition and the pain. It is used in the local treatment of the pains of the small articulations due to osteoarthritis, the tendinitises, the distorsions and contusions, the lumbagos. It is also used to treat the localized ignitions of the continuations of sclerosis of varixes.

  • Posology

    Apply in massage soft and prolonged the quantity prescribed by your doctor. Wash the hands, carefully and in a prolonged way, after use.

  • usual Posology

    Adult: 2 or 3 applications per day. Reserved for the adult (more than 15 years).

  • Price 140 DZD