PARALGAN® 500 mg

  • DCI Paracetamol
  • Dosage 500 mg
  • Forms and Presentations Tablet. Box of 20
  • Pharmaco-therapeutic class Analgesics: paracetamol and derived
  • Indications

    Symptomatic treatment of the pains of light intensity to moderate and/or of the feverish states.

  • Posology

    This drug can be taken indifferently during or between the meals, by respecting an interval from 4 to 6 hours between 2 doses. In the event of impaired renal function, the interval between 2 doses must be of at least 8 hours. The tablets are not adapted to the child of less than 6 years.

  • usual Posology




    •Adult:1 or 2 tablets, to renew if need be after a 4 hours deadline minimum. Not to exceed 6 tablets per day without medical opinion. In the severe pains of the adult and in particular in osteoarthritis, maximum posology can be related 1 g from paracetamol (that is to say 2 tablets), 4 times per day, only to medical regulation.
    •Child:60 mg per kg and per day, that is to say 15 mg per kg every 6 hours or 10 mg per kg every 4 hours. As an indication:
    •child from 27 to 40 kg (approximately 8 to 13 years):1 tablet, to renew at the end of 6 hours without exceeding 4 tablets per day;
    •child from 41 to 50 kg (approximately 12 to 15 years):1 tablet, to renew at the end of 4 hours without exceeding 6 tablets per day. The maximum paracetamol dose is of 80 mg per kg and per day in the child of less than 37 kg and 3 G per day in the child of more than 38 kg, in 4 doses minimum.




  • Price 49.80 DZD