Who are we ?

SAIDAL is a stock company with a capital of 2.5 billion dinars. 80 % of the capital of SAIDAL Group is held by the state and the remaining 20 % were sold in 1999 through the Exchange to institutional investors and individuals.
Organized IN Industrial Group? SAIDAL mission is to develop, produce and commercialize pharmaceutical products for human use.
To consolidate its leading position in the production of generic drugs and contribute thereby to the achievement of the national drug policy implemented by the government SAIDAL the Group’s strategic objective.

The quality of public company gives SAIDAL a dual purpose:

    •Ensure financial autonomy and sustainability in safeguarding its financial balances, ensuring continuously improve the competitiveness of its products, to achieve its growth objectives and develop its human resources.
    •Achieve the objectives assigned to it by the State, as principal shareholder.

Under its primary mission, SAIDAL defined lines of action to enable it to ensure its growth and strengthen its leading position in the production of generic drugs.
At the forefront of these lines of action, figure a comprehensive and integrated development that accompanies the expansion of the Group with an action program focusing on human resource development, improving the organization and system information, the promotion of corporate culture and the implementation of an effective communication policy:

    • Promote ethical rules to control and sanitation of the drug market,
    • Contribute to the reduction of imports,
    • Opening up foreign markets,
    • Increase the level of consumer satisfaction.

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