SAIDAL Group,has proceeded, in January 2014, to the merger by way of absorption, the subsidiaries namely:  ANTIBIOTICAL, PHARMAL and BIOTIC. This decision that was approved by its governing bodies has resulted in a new organization structured around the following:

General Directorate of the Group:
Governance structure involving the Central Directorates:
•    Directorate of Internal Audit
•    Directorate of Management Programs
•    Directorate of Strategy and Organization
•    Directorate of Marketing and Sales
•    Directorate of the Centerfor Research and Development
•    Directorate of the Center of Bioequivalence
•    Directorate of Purchasing
•    Directorate of Quality Insurance
•    Directorate of Pharmaceutical Affairs
•    Directorate of Systems of Information
•    Directorate of Finance and Accounting
•    Directorate of Heritage and General Resources
•    Directorate of Communication
•    Directorate of Operations
•    Directorate of Industrial Development
•    Directorate of Staff
•    Directorate of Training
•    Legal Directorate

Sites of Production:
SAIDAL has 06 plants located in Algiers, Medea, Constantine an Annaba, with a total capacity of 140 Million Units Sales:

Production site of Médéa
Specializing in the production of penicillanic and non-penicillanic antibiotics
It has two units of semi-synthesis for oral and injectable products, a unit for pharmaceutical specialties and two buildings: one devoted to penicillanic products, other to non-penicillanic.

Production site of Dar El Beida :
Located in the industrial zone of Algiers, the plant produces a wide variety of drugs in various dosage forms (syrups, solutions, tablets and ointments).

Production site of Gué de Constantine:
composed of two distinct parts: one for the manufacture of dosage forms (suppositories, ampoules and tablets), the otherprovided with a very recent technology specializing in the production of solid solutes (bags and bottles). This plant has a laboratory quality control.

Production site of El Harrach

Production site of Constantine
Located in Constantine, in eastern countries, it has two specializedworkshops in the production of syrups.

Production site of Constantine unit of Insulin :
Specialized in the production of human insulin in three types of action: Rapid (Rapid), slow (Basal) and intermediate (Comb 25).

Production site of Annaba:
Specialized in the manufacture of solid dosage forms.

Distribution Centers
With strong significant logistics and a young, dynamic and specialized human potential, these centers provide distribution Saidal products throughout the national territory.

Distribution Center- Centre
Established in 1996, it was the first Distribution Center Group. He aimed the marketing and distribution of all the Group’s products from a single point of sale. The encouraging results obtained have created two other distribution Centersin Batna and Oran.

Distribution Center- East
Established in 1999 in Batna, this center provides marketing of SAIDAL products in the Eastern Region.

Distribution Center- West
Established in 2000 to ensure a better distribution of products in the Western Region.

Subsidiaries and Participations  

The subsidiaries

Located in the industrial area of OuedSmar, SOMEDIAL is the result of a partnership between SAIDAL Group (59%), the European Pharmaceutical Group (36.45%) and FINALEP (4.55).
The production unit SOMEDIAL has three departments:
• A dedicated department for the production of hormonal products,
• A department for the manufacture of liquid (oral solutions and syrups)
• A department for the manufacture of solid dosage forms (capsules and tablets).

IBERAL is a Joint Stock Company, outcome of a public/private partnership between SAIDAL Group (40%), JULPHAR (United Arab Emirates) (40%) and Flash Algeria, specialist in food (20%).
IBERAL SPA mainly charged in realization and operation an industrial project to produce pharmaceutical products for use in human medicine.
The industrial project of SPA IBERAL has the following objectives:
• Manufacture of generic drugs (Injectable and dry forms)
• Packaging of drugs (solid forms)
• Provision of packaging and quality control upon application of domestic producers.

Pharmaceutical companies in business:

Established in 1999 between the SAIDAL Group (30%) and SANOFI (70%) for the manufacture, processing and marketing in Algeria for Medicinal Products for Human Use. The production unit WPS, located in the industrial area of OuedSmar,entered production in December 2000. It currently employs a workforce of 103 workers and produced in 2012, a production of 24.6 million units for a turnover of 1.8 billion dinars.

Joint venture established in 1998 between SAIDAL Group and PFIZER Pharm Algerié to manufacture packaging and marketing of pharmaceutical and chemical products.
Located in the industrial area of OuedSmar, PSM production unit began production in February 2003. It currently employs a workforce of 63 workers and achieved in 2012, a production of 10 million units for a turnover of 3.7 billion dinars.

Pharmaceutical Projects in progress:

SAIDAL-North Africa Holding Manufacturing-FNI (SNM) (project in progress)
SNM is the result of a partnership, in September 2012, between SAIDAL Group (49%), the company “Kuwaiti North Africa holding Company” (49%) and the National Fund for Investment (02%) for the creation a Centerspecializing in the development, industrialization and commercialization of cancer drugs.
TAPHCO (Tassili Pharmaceutical Company) (project in progress)
A result of a partnership concluded in 1999 between SAIDAL Group (44.51%), ACDIMA, SPIMACO and JPM for manufacturing, marketing and importation of pharmaceutical products (Injectable, liquids and drops).
The production unit TAPHCO, located in the industrial area of Rouiba, will enter production in 2014.

Other Participations  
SAIDAL Goupeholds also Participations  in other companies:
ALGERIA CLEARING (Finance Company) 6.67%
NOVER (company producing glass) 4.46%
ACDIMA (Arab Company for Drug Industries and Medical Appliances) 0, 38%