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  • DCI
    salicylate of diethylamine / myrtécaine
  • Dosage
    10 g /1g
  • Forms and Presentations
    Dermic pomade.Tube 40g.
  • Pharmaco-therapeutic class
    Rhumatology: External antirheumatic analgesics.
  • Indications

    Auxiliary local treatment of the pains of muscular origin and tendino-ligamentaire.

  • Posology

    Reserved with the adult and the child of more than 7 years.
    Apply in local massages to the painful zone 2 to 3 times per day, until complete penetration. Wash the hands after use.

  • usual Posology

    Adult: 2 or 3 applications per day. Reserved to adult (more than 15 years).

  • Price
    185 DZD
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