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FLOSAS® 150 mg

  • DCI
  • Dosage
    150 mg
  • Forms and Presentations
    Suppository. Box of 10.
  • Pharmaco-therapeutic class
    Gastro-enterology: Antispasmodic musculotropic.
  • Indications

    This drug is Antispasmodic. It fights against the abnormal and painful contractions of the intestine, the bile ducts, the urinary tracts and the uterus.
    It is used in the treatment of the painful spasms of origins digestive (spasmodic colites), biliary (biliary colics), urologic (renal colics) and gynaecological (painful rules and contractions of the uterus during the pregnancy).

  • Posology

    3 suppositories per day.

  • Price
    140 DZD
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